Omnity is an omni-chain interoperability protocol built by Octopus Network on the Internet Computer (IC) specially designed to fit the modular blockchain landscape. Omnity is the first 100% decentralized protocol in the cross-chain domain, providing a more secure, efficient, and ubiquitous cross-chain service. Omnity addresses challenges like security vulnerability, high cost and latency, and liquidity fragmentation. The ultimate goal of Omnity is to connect thousands of blockchains and facilitate millions of cross-chain transactions per day.

The Octopus team has been committed to developing cross-chain interoperability for over five years. While pioneering a NEAR IBC light client for our Adaptive IBC design, we chose the Internet Computer to build verification proxies. We realized the Internet Computer was much more capable than we thought before. By leveraging IC's unique capabilities, such as Chain Key and HTTPS Outcalls, among others, we realized an opportunity to fulfill the unfinished ambition of IBC by presenting a perfect but invisible hub, leading to the interoperability endgame.

This is the origin of Omnity.

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