The best moat for a Web 3.0 protocol is its network effects. Omnity protocol has multi-level network effects by continuously onboarding new execution chains and asset classes.

Omnity will launch at the Next Bitcoin Halving with its first settlement chain, Bitcoin, and first assets class, Runes. BRC20 and potentially other Bitcoin token standards will be embraced shortly after that.

The progress of IC's native integration with Ethereum will determine when Omnity will support Ethereum. A fair guess would be no later than Q3 2024. There are no technical obstacles to IC acting as a settlement chain in Omnity. The only precondition is demand.

On the execution chain side, we prefer to prioritize support for frameworks such as OP Stack, Cosmos SDK, Arbitrum Orbit, Polygon CDK, etc. The reason is simple: supporting a popular framework enables dozens or even hundreds of chains to connect with Omnity. On the other hand, we are also open to supporting L1 chains, like NEAR and Solana, if there are strategic opportunities for drawing usage.

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